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Hello everyone. Well its been well over a year since we have brought in any Wild Malawi fish. Obviously Covid made things come to a screeching halt as far as importing fish from Africa and Europe. Over the last few months flights have come back online and some restrictions lifted allowing wild fish to slowly start to trickle back into the USA. However the flights are very limited and tricky. And importing fish from Africa was already pretty tricky and filled with problems before Covid. Also the airlines had quadrupled the freight costs once things opened back up. Again making it just not feasible to import fish. For us anyways. Since the border opened back up some time has passed and the freight charges have gone down. A little.  Its still about 2.5 times more than pre-Covid costs. There are some really nice fish on the list and being that its been over a year since we have imported I am really excited to have access to the fish on the list with a second collection beginning in 2 weeks. I expect this first shipment to land in about 2 weeks. Please note, I do not intend to bring that entire list of fish in. This is your opportunity to grab some wild fish of your choosing. In order to make it as smooth as possible please have any special orders turned in by Sunday May 23rd. We will also bring in some fish from the list to sell on the site.


Fill out this form and we will get you a invoice as soon as possible. Copy and paste all the fish you are interested in to the form. To get an accurate invoice please include size, ratio and number of each fish you are interested in preordering. All preorders from our pre-order list require a 50% deposit. 




Aristochromis christyi 3 - 4 cm $17.48 qty 12
Aulonocara baenschi Benga 4 - 5 cm $16.56 qty 10
Aulonocara baenschi Benga 8 - 10 cm $38.59 2m/8f



Thanks! Message sent.


Wild Malawi List                       

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