With over 15 years of professional live fish shipping experience both domestic and internationally we take the worry out of shipping live fish. Domestic shipping is available through Delta Air Cargo and FedEx, international orders will vary depending on country.

* You are responsible to track your shipment with the Air-bill or UPS tracking provided*


  • Live arrival guarantee only applies to Delta and Southwest Air Cargo same day or UPS overnight deliveries.

  • During warmer months we may offer UPS 2 day shipping as an option with no live arrival guarantee.

  • For Delta Air Cargo shipments you will be provided an air bill number, flight number and estimated arrival time.

  • For UPS shipments a tracking number will be provided after the order has been shipped.

  • UPS priority overnight does not mean you will receive the fish the day after your order is placed. Please allow two business days from the day of your order to prepare the fish for shipping.

  • Buyer pays actual shipping cost, what it costs us it cost you. 

  • Please note, Delta and Southwest Air Cargo shipments are sent C.O.D. you will pay Delta  or  Southwest Cargo directly for shipping costs when you pick up your order.

  • If a delivery is late due to the carrier or act of God ( i.e. Weather, wreck, and so on), we will not honor the live arrival guarantee.

  • Claims must be made to the carrier by the customer and we will provide you with any support you need for your claim.

  • Credit for DOAs will be issued in the form of credit towards future fish purchases.

  • Credit is issued for DOA fish only, not shipping.

  • Air Cargo shipments must be picked up within 2 hours of arrival for Live Arrival guarantee to be in effect.

* You are responsible to track your shipment with the Air-bill or UPS tracking provided*


"LIVE ARRIVAL" means that when the fish arrive at your door and you open the box, the fish will be alive in the bags.

Once the fish bags are opened and the fish are exposed to your water, the guarantee is null and void, we do not guarantee that the fish will live in your water conditions or not get eaten by tank mates.

All we guarantee is that they will be alive when they are dropped off and box is opened.

Should you have a DOA (dead on arrival), please contact us within 1 hour of pickup or drop off. Be prepared to provide us with a digital image to support your claim.


Group buys are a great way to save on shipping costs. The idea is coordinating with several fellow hobbyists to purchase together and get one shipment to your front door or local airport. We encourage air cargo for larger group buys.


**Please Contact us prior to placing your order for full details and a list of airports we can ship too.


International orders are accepted but buyer must pay all export fees. We have successfully shipped to New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea 



*Canadian airport we ship too:







Shipping varies with weight naturally, but it also depends if you live close to an airport that supports Delta and or Southwest Cargo or if you prefer to go through UPS. Typically with Delta Cargo, the average cost is about $65+ and about $75+ with UPS. If you have any other questions regarding shipping, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thank you!