• Max Size:


  • Temperament:

    Mildly Aggressive

  • Water Temperature:


  • Diet:


  • Min. Tank Size:

    125 Gal

  • Description:

    The Placidochromis sp. Phenochilus, or Star Sapphire Cichlid is a popular species of Haplochromis which are found along the shoreline between Makonde and Lupingu, Tanzania, and at Kasinda in Lake Malawi. Males of these species are highly sought after by aquarists for their stunning metallic blue color with glittering white and blue spots. Though females do not get the glittering spots, but instead display vertical bars and may develop the blue coloring over their entire body as they mature. Males can get to be about 10" in length and females are usually slightly smaller.


Placidochromis phenochilus Tanzania " Star Sapphire"

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