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We receive weekly availability lists from numerous  suppliers and want to invite you to browse the list posted and hopefully you will find something you like.  if you are interested in ordering from our selection  of high quality African cichlids please use "our Get A Quote" form on the right side of this page to send us a list of fish, size and ratio you are interested in, we will check to make sure they are available and get back with you as soon as possible. 

All pre-orders from our Tanganyika list require a 50% deposit

*may vary based on availability*





Fill out this form and we will get you a invoice as soon as possible. Copy and paste all the fish you are interested in to the form. To get an accurate invoice please include size, ratio and number of each fish you are interested in pre-ordering. 

All pre-orders from our Tanganyika list require a 50% deposit. 

**The deadline for this order is Sunday February 7th by 9pm. **

The fish will arrive on  Thursday February 11TH. we will then hold the Fish for 7-10 days before shipping out to you.




Altolamprologus calvus black ~1.25" $12 qty 12
Cyprichromis leptosoma Kitumba ~3"  $34 5m/10f

Neolamprologus buescheri Kamakonde yellow ~1.75" $26.50 QTY 5






Pre-order Has been sent!

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