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South East Cichlids only feeds Northfin and recommends it to all of our customers.

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  • One of the most extensive lists of african cichlids for sale in the U.S.

  • Exclusive U.S. importer of German bred african cichlids

  • Large supply of full color adult show male african cichlids

  • Supplier of choice for many private U.S. african cichlid fish breeders

  • Well known and trusted in the African Cichlid community

  • Over 15 years experience breeding and selling African Cichlids

  • A supplier,  a breeder as well as a hobbyist 

  • South East Cichlids african cichlids are second to none

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Meet Bodie, the SEC mascot. He enjoys barking at anything that moves and goes where ever we go. 

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Importer & retailer of quality african cichlids

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To further serve our customers needs, SEC has started breeding some of our own stock. Albino African cichlids are some of our favorites, quality albinos are always hard to get a hold of, we are in the process of collecting high quality albino groups for our breeding program as well as some other exotic forms of African cichlids.

In 2014 SEC expanded to a larger facility.

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